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A culinary proposal focused on seasonal ingredients & special care in customers´s service


Idiazabal cheese fritters

A classic of Lakasa

Portion: 21.60€ Half portion: 10.80 €

Cold meat of veal tripe and cheeks

Thin slices of a tasty cold meat made in Lakasa

Portion: 18.50€ Half portion: 12.00 €

Benas stew

With tuna tripe

Portion: 25.80€ Half portion: 13.50 €

Pâté de Campaña with guinea fowl

and pickled mushrooms

Portion: 22.50€ Half portion: 13.00 €

Bouchor mussels with "Café de París" sauce

salsa de tomate picante

Portion: 26.00€ Half portion: 16.50 €

Raw wild seabass

in brine with japanese curry

Portion: 25.50€ Half portion: 14.00 €

Baby squid & Pig trotters

with "vizcaína" sauce

Portion: 26.50€

Bouchor mussels with "Café de París" sauce

Una salsa con 26 ingredientes que explicamos al detalle

Portion: 26.80€ Half portion: 17.00 €

Main Dishes

Loin of red mullet

with brown butter sauce & cashews

Portion: 39.80€ Half portion: 22.50 €

Grilled bonito

With tomato sauce 

Portion: 31.50€ Half portion: 17.00 €

Wild tuna cooked in onions

Portion: 37.50€ Half portion: 21.00 €

Ox meatballs

in carbonara style

Portion: 34.80€ Half portion: 24.00 €

Falow deer loin with amaretto sauce

and onion chutney

Portion: 38.80€ Half portion: 21.00 €

Roasted Iberian pork with green mojo

Y ensalada ligeramente picante

Portion: 31.50€ Half portion: 17.00 €

Iberian Pork with Mole poblano

And fried yucca

Portion: 29.50€ Half portion: 16.00 €

Steak tartar

Monday, all day & friday, lunch only

Portion: 35.80€ Half portion: 20.00 €

Special Dishes

Beef Wellington

 Friday lunch only

Portion: 38.80€ Half portion: 21.00 €


Panna Cotta with balsamic vinegar

Modena vinegar with 30 years of ageing

Portion: 9.50€

Cheese selections

Portion: 23.50€ Half portion: 12.50 €

Puff pastry

with cinamon whipped cream

Portion: 11.80€ Half portion: 7.00 €

Cheese cake

De las mejores que hemos probado.

Portion: 11.50€

Cream caramel millefeuille

With passion fruit

Portion: 11.50€ Half portion: 6.80 €

Creme caramel

Made it with sheep milk

Portion: 9.20€

Whisky tart

Portion: 11.50€ Half portion: 6.80 €

Choco tarta

scented with tangerine

Portion: 13.80€

Lemon pie

With meringue & crumble

Portion: 10.80€ Half portion: 6.00 €

Sorbets & ice creams

Elaborados por el Obrador Grate en Logroño, La Rioja.


Portion: 10.50€ Half portion: 5.50 €
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